Every donation to Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife contributes to changing lives. Your generosity helps to educate and empower people in rural communities by supporting projects and activities that address basic needs like literacy, health and sanitation, clean water, income generation and food and nutrition.

The Kiswahili phrase “kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba” means “little by little we fill the can.” If we each put a little bit in the can, we can really make a difference!

Asante sana! Thank you!
Gwen Meyer, Director
Donate any amount. An unrestricted donation gives us the flexibility to apply funds to the most pressing needs and to other activities that support our overall goals, like trainings and planning meetings with community members.

$50 pays for one student to attend a year of primary school.

$500 provides one year’s tuition, uniforms, fees and room and board for a student at secondary school.

$125 provides one year’s room and board for a girl at primary school.

$400 feeds 50 nursery school students a nutritious lunch each day for 3 months.

$3000 will match a contribution from the Endonyio Sidai community to build a nursery school classroom in 2015.