Even if you can’t come to Kenya with us, you can still make a difference by investing in a child’s education. Sponsorships are a wonderful way to make a contribution that has a direct connection to a student over time.

Sponsor a child's education

Today, 106 children are attending primary school in 6 rural communities through donations from sponsors. Many of the donors have made a commitment to support the children for all eight years of primary school. Each year, we add new recipients based on need. These sponsorships cost $50 for one school year and buy uniforms, shoes, books and pay incidental fees. Most sponsors receive photos and informational updates on their students, and we do our best to bring back letters from each student as well. Invest in a child's future today!

Keep a girl in school

Much of the day for poor women in rural areas of Kenya is spent collecting water and firewood, caring for children, cooking, doing laundry, and tending animals and vegetable gardens. Young girls who may be attending school but who are living at home are required to assist their mothers in these tasks, leaving little time to concentrate on their studies. It costs only $140 to provide one year's room and board for a girl at a primary school

In addition, some of the girls who are day students attending Kokwa Primary School walk for one hour in the morning over rough terrain to arrive at school and then another hour in the afternoon to return home.

There are 16 girls currently in need of a boarding scholarship. Providing the means for girls to board instead of returning home each day will give them significantly more time and energy to devote to their studies. Many girls with such an opportunity are more successful in their academic efforts and remain in school longer. When you educate a girl, you educate the community!

Sponsor a student to attend secondary school

As students graduate from primary school, we want to continue their support through secondary school. This is the point at which many students discontinue their education because of lack of funds. There are so many talented students now who are out of school with no hope of returning. It costs $450 per year for uniforms, books, meals, use of a computer, personal effects and exam fees. Please help these children realize their dreams by investing in their future!
Please note: Our projects are ongoing and we use donated funds where they are most needed at the time you donate. We will try to assign your funds to a specific school or person and provide you with reports, photos and other information, but that is not always possible. You can always see the results of your sponsorships and donations on our Projects page.