FKSW currently supports several economic development projects. Through the generosity of donors:

45 women participating in the Molo Wool Project have learned to spin, knit, weave and dye the wool from their sheep to create products to sell. Since 2007, they have received nearly $17,000 in income to pay school fees for their children and to purchase other items needed by their families.

34 spinning wheels and

21 looms have been purchased to assist them in this effort

60 families on Kokwa Island each received 3 chickens to start their own flocks. They now sell meat and eggs and the size of their flocks are increasing

25 members of the Langwenda Self Help Group are using a machine to make bricks to sell for the construction of buildings

7 women on Kokwa Island have learned to sew and now sell school uniform, clothing and other items to residents of nearby communities

25 members of the Michinda Primary Boys School 4K Club in Elburgon are successfully raising chickens to supplement their school meals and to sell eggs and meat