Through the generosity of donors:

288 residents of Kokwa Island at Lake Baringo attended a free medical camp in February 2009. Thirty nice local medical personnel donated their time and services. The medical camp featured:
  • curative services
  • pharmacy services
  • optician or eye specialist services
  • laboratory testing for malaria parasites
  • voluntary testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS
  • shaving for adults and children to control mites and fungal infections on their scalps
  • testing for nutrition status of chidren under 5 and pregnant and lactating mothers
  • health education on nutrition
300 families received bed nets to prevent malaria

28 girls at Kokwa Primary School learned how to make sanitary napkins from locally available materials and were given instructions and counseling on reproductive hygiene and safety

1,250 members of 3 communities helped to construct the first toilets ever in their communities

58 nursery school students at Kirepari Nursery School receive a nutritious lunch daily. They also receive micronutrient supplements to address the malnutrition discovered during screening at the medical camp

172 nursery school students receive lunches daily (food supplied by the government) prepared in kitchens constructed by FKSW

324 residents of Kireapari village on Kokwa Island at Lake Baringo have bacteria and fluoride free water after the installation of a community water filter and the receipt of individual household filters to remove excessive amounts of fluoride and bacteria from the water they use daily

4 solar batteries provide power for the refrigerator at the Kokwa Dispensary for vaccines and other medications that need refrigeration