How we work

Since 2008, FKSW has worked in partnership with Kenyan non-governmental organization, Network for Ecofarming in Africa-Kenya (NECOFA). Based in Molo, NECOFA is a community-based organization with activities in Nakuru, Baringo and Makueni counties. Under the leadership of Samuel Muhunyu, NECOFA staff encourage and educate farmers in organic agricultural practices, and within that mission, it currently supports self-help groups in such projects as the planting of indigenous crops and trees, school gardens in local primary schools, growing vegetables for sale to restaurants and livestock programs.

Our formal partnership with NECOFA began in January of 2008 and together we work with residents of rural communities to identify needs and initiate projects that empower them to access opportunities for education, health care, clean water, income generation and food security in a way that enhances their social dignity and leaves them with ownership of project outcomes.

NECOFA directs and coordinates the activities of our partnership in Kenya by:

  • Meeting regularly with community members to discuss new and ongoing projects
  • Raising funds for projects
  • Preparing regular progress reports on activities and projects and
  • Ensuring transparency, accountability and responsibility in finances and transactions

The role of FKSW in this partnership is to:

  • Monitor and evaluate implementation of activities and projects of the partnership
  • Participate in fundraising for projects
  • Help to build capacity of the implementing team
  • Showcase projects and activities of the partnership
  • Initiate and sustain partnerships and collaboration with other organizations/institutions and well-wishers.
Samuel Muhunyu