Kachuru Nursery School, Isiolo

Kachuru is a small community located in a stunningly beautiful area two hours east of Isiolo on the Northern Frontier. Hot, dry, dusty, the community is home to Meru, Boran and Somali people. This is not a stop on the tourist trail. Small wooden shacks are home to some, while others live in nomad encampments on the edge of the village, temporary homes between forays to seek grazing for their camels, sheep, cattle and goats. Half of the community members are Muslim. This is a harsh land, and the village seems to have been overlooked by the outside world.
At Kachuru, FKSW has provided resources for the following:
  • primary school scholarships for 10 children for 8 years each
  • construction of the Kachuru Nursery School
  • construction of a school and community toilet
  • a donkey cart to bring water 5 kilometers from a borehole to the nursery
  • curriculum texts, exercise books, wall charts, chalk, erasers, and other school supplies
  • soccer uniforms and balls