Achieving Universal Primary Education
and Gender Equality

In sub-Saharan Africa, 40 percent of primary aged children have no opportunity for schooling. Even though primary education is free in Kenya, some children are still unable to attend classes because their parents cannot afford uniforms, shoes, books or school fees. Although it is a requirement for children to attend nursery school before being admitted to primary school, many rural communities do not have the means to build a nursery school or to pay a teacher's salary. Even in communities with staffed schools, there is often a critical lack of educational materials and supplies.

Our educational focus has been on constructing nursery schools and providing scholarships for children to attend primary school. In each community, the school committee selects recipients on the basis of need and we require that they select as many girls as boys. Even so, girls are often withdrawn from school by their parents because they are needed at home for chores. Boarding scholarships are one way we attempt to address this issue. When girls attend boarding school, they are less likely to leave school.
Since 2004, through the generosity of donors:

106 students who were not previously enrolled in school are now attending primary classes. Fifty seven of these students are girls. Scholarships of $50 per year purchase uniforms, shoes, books and pay incidental fees.

4 nursery school have been constructed by FKSW

180 nursery school students attend school in new classrooms

8 nursery schools have received educational materials and supplies

1 dormitory at Kokwa Primary School has been renovated for girl boarders

16 girls board at Kokwa Primary School rather than walk an hour over hilly terrain to their homes in the evening to do chores. Now they are able to devote more time to their studies and have a little leisure.

4 nursery school teachers are receiving salaries for the first time ever

1 10 year old student with a hearing impairment attends school for the first time in his life and is learning to use sign language and to read and write.

1 nursery school teacher who had had no training graduated with a teaching certificate in August 2009