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Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife (FKSW) is a non-profit organization supporting participatory community development in rural communities in Kenya.

Using the United Nations Millenium Development Goals as a guideline, FKSW and Kenyan partner organization, Network for EcoFarming in Africa (NECOFA) work together with communities to alleviate poverty and hunger, to ensure that children receive a primary school education, and that health care and clean water are available to every community member.

FKSW also supports projects which focus on environmental issues of water pollution in lakes and rivers, reforestation and the conservation of wildlife as a natural treasure and source of economic income through tourism.

Since 2003, FKSW has used 90% of the approximately $160,000 received as donations for projects in Kenya. All donations are tax-deductible.
FKSW and NECOFA also operate Terra Madre African Safaris…if you’ve ever “Dreamed of Africa”, as did author Kuki Gallman, we can take you there! While on safari, you will learn about this engaging country, the friendly people and their cultures and be able to view the incredible wildlife and spectacular beauty for which Kenya is famous.

You may also make a contribution by working alongside community members on a project or by teaching a skill. The experience just might change your life!