Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife

Building strong communities in rural Kenya

Local Partnerships for Real Impact

Since 2004, our mission at Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife has been to support local Kenyan communities for positive development and empowerment. Our focus is on four rural communities that are under-served and have struggled with access to basic resources and services. We partner with the Kenyan organization Network for Eco-Farming in Africa (NECOFA) to provide funding for activities focused on education, food and nutrition,  income generation for poverty alleviation, health and hygiene and clean water.  Learn more about each of these project areas on our projects page.

We partner with local leaders and community members because we believe that this collaboration is the most sustainable approach to development and social transformation, resulting in empowered communities and local ownership of processes and outcomes. You can learn more about our philosophy and history and read the FKSW newsletters on our about us page.

Samuel Muhunyu is our partner at NECOFA, and in the nine years we have worked together,  he has mentored leaders and led complex projects that are building strong communities in isolated regions of the country. Through a long process of relationship building and dialogue-based program development, he has assisted in the physical and social transformation of communities and individuals. Read more about Samuel and our other partnerships on our team page


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