A Boy from Kokwa Island Learns to "Speak" with his Hands

In 2008, we met 8-year old Mulan Lekaranga on Kokwa Island in Lake Baringo.  Deaf from birth, Mulan had never been to school and Grace Koinale, the nursery school teacher there told us that he seemed like a bright boy and asked if we could help. After assessments determined that Mulan could begin school, FKSW provided a scholarship for him to attend Ochii Primary School for the Hearing Impaired and he enrolled late in 2008. In Ochii, Mulan did well, learning sign language and studying traditional subjects. In November at the age of 17, he will graduate from the 8th grade! FKSW will continue to support him with a scholarship for the next four years of secondary school.  We visited Mulan at Ochii in late September and he signed to us that eventually he hopes to become a teacher of the hearing impaired.